PCS - PLANET COURIER SERVICES, PCS Commercial & Express Service., JSC was established since 10/2010 with nearly 100 employees with expertise in International courier services; Headquarter located in Ha Noi, with HCM branch office and transaction hubs in industrial parks throughout the country. The founding members are individuals that have more than 10 years of experiences in managerial roles in both domestic and international Courier Services companies.

With the objective to develop a professional international courier services business with steady growth; PCS has expanded its direct networks to overseas, with the application of up-to-date technologies in managing and operations activities. PCS has been able to claim the position of 1 of the top 3 companies in international courier services in the Vietnam market.

Milestones in PCS history:

1. October 2010 :Established PCS Commercial & Express Service., JSC
2. December 2010 : Signed international contract with our Hong Kong partner
3. March 2011 :Signed an international collaboration with our Singapore partner
4. June 2011 :Signed an international collaboration with our Thailand partner
5. August 2011 :Signed an international collaboration with our Japan partner
6. March 2012 :Signed an international collaboration with our Korea partner
7. October 2012 :Signed an international collaboration with our Germany partner

To this date, our network of direct international partners can be found in every continent. Our domestic and international partners all have good infrastructure and expanded networks in order to be able to ensure reliable express delivery services.

Since September 2012, PCS has been developing and expanding our domestic courier services and cooperated with New Post to form Domestic Courier Service PCS-New Post, with investment capital of 250.000 USD in the domestic courier network. With 300 employees who expertized in domestic courier services and 2 main offices in Hanoi and HCM city; along with more than 40 post offices in 13 major provinces all over Vietnam. PCS has reaffirmed its ability to offer services that meet up with the customers’ requirements, with delivery time from 1 - 2 days in all over the country.